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Apollo Palace
Apollo Palace Hotel Village
Περιεχόμενα - Περιεχόμενα

SENTIDO Apollo Palace located in the legendary island of Phaeacia, mentioned in Homer’s Odyssey, today known as Corfu. It is built in the midst of the oldest olive groves of Mesoggi settlement, situated on the southeast side of Corfu and washed by the Ionian Sea waters.

Designed with respectful consideration for the environment and Corfiote architecture, SENTIDO Apollo Palace is considered to be one of the most beautiful hotels of Corfu. It provides tasteful and spacious rooms, studios and suites, a gorgeous garden of 50-quarter acres, organized facilities and high standard services. The complex is located in between two settlements, that of Mesoggi and the one of Moraitika. There the visitors of our hotel can wander in the fishing village of Mesoggi with its picturesque small restaurants (tavernas), as well as have a fun time in the bars and cafes’ of Mesoggi and Moraitika.